Leadership Team

Keith Barker – Pastor

Keith was called to be Pastor in April 2011. His heart is to grow disciples that live in the fullness and freedom that Christ has won for us by His death and resurrection. As well as being Pastor, Keith also is part of the worship team where he shares with the church, his passion for the worship and love of God.       Tel: 01327 352972 or 07912 478227

(Email: Keith AT BlisworthBaptistChurch.org)

Lee Hillyard – Assistant Pastor

Lee was called to the leadership team in January 2018 to use his passion for outreach to help the church to look outward and reach out to the village and beyond. A skilled musician he serves on the worship group bringing a fresh dynamic to the group, introducing new songs to its repertoire.
Tel No: 07434 962276

(Email: Lee AT BlisworthBaptistChurch.org)

Ray Payne – Church Secretary

Ray has just joined the leadership team at a time of great change. He is a skilled administrator and has put into place systems that are needed as the church continues to grow and reach out. He has brought fresh inspiration to the role of Church Secretary.

Ruth Brown – Elder

Ruth brings a great spiritual wisdom and maturity to the leadership team. With a pastoral heart, she cares for the wellbeing of the family at Blisworth, both physical and spiritually. She also serves on the Northampton General Hospital Chaplaincy team.

Tony Maycock – Deacon

Joined the leadership team again, in April 2018, following an absence of a few years.

A man of wisdom and a caring heart with a gifting for bible teaching. Tony in his role as deacon, will be overseeing and helping the house groups grow and develop as an integral part of the church family.

Christine Pinfold – Deacon – Treasurer

Christine has the vital role as treasurer. A long-time member of the church she takes back the mantle that she wore for a number of years. She brings fresh insight and management skills to the finances of the church.

Diane Atkinson  – Deacon

Diane has served on the leadership team for over 5 years mainly in the role of Church Secretary. She has brought wisdom and a gentle steering hand to that role. As she steps down as Church Secretary, she takes on the role of Deacon with responsibility for Pastoral Care

Peter Burton – Life Deacon

Peter serves the Lord with enthusiasm and vigour. Much of the fabric of the church has known his skilful touch. His skill with wood is legendary… A true master carpenter indeed. Peter has served the family at the Chapel for well over 50 years, 20 of which he served as Church Secretary. After retiring from the role of Church Secretary the church called Peter to be a Life Deacon.